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Contract Negotiation & Litigation

Skillful contract negotiation is the key to long-lasting relationships that serve your interests or the interests of your business. In the employment context, more and more employees are realizing the importance of bargaining for fair terms in their employment contracts. Executives, high level managers, technical specialists, high performance salespeople, and key consultants and contractors have more leverage in today's marketplace than ever before. As these employees seek legal counsel with increasing frequency to secure higher pay, greater benefits, job security and freedom to compete, savvy businesses have responded by negotiating for greater post-employment competitive restrictions, arbitration provisions and choice of law and forum provisions.

In the commercial arena, successful business contracting is a crucial aspect of maintaining your company's competitive advantages. Obtaining the best possible pricing, ensuring the most reliable delivery and maintaining beneficial business and client relationships are essential to any successful commercial venture. Equally important, however, are the terms the bargaining parties often overlook, such as terms governing liability for losses, cancellation obligations and terms establishing choice of law and forum.

Toomey Legal has the knowledge and skill you need to ensure that the contracts you sign will benefit your interests today, and remain enforceable and beneficial into the future. A contract without a sound plan and mechanism for enforcement is barely worth the paper it's printed on. Toomey Legal is ready to assist you or your business in making the right deals to serve your needs, and to provide the expertise necessary to enforce those agreements in court when necessary. Nothing prevents litigation like a well-drafted contract, but there are times when reasonable minds may differ as to a contract's effects, or when unreasonable minds ignore them. If you or your business require legal assistance in negotiating or litigating a contract matter, call Toomey Legal.