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Real Estate Transactions, Closings & Litigation

Real estate is a unique and vital asset, both in the commercial and residential arenas. Location is everything, both on the home front and in business. Whether you desire a quiet, friendly neighborhood with quality schools for your family, or the bustle of a commercial hub with convenient access to highways and a dense customer base to support your growing business, your real estate choices have a tremendous impact on your life. Not surprisingly, most business owners and prudent individuals are increasingly retaining legal counsel to represent their interests in every sort of real estate transaction, from lease drafting and negotiation to purchase and sale agreements to residential and commercial closings. The days of simply trusting the seller's broker or the buyer's agent are gone. Real estate prices in today's market warrant an abundance of caution when dealing with lenders, commercial financing outfits, and real estate agents all trying to push transactions and pad their take. By hiring an attorney to represent your interests, you have a knowledgeable and experienced advocate in your corner, without a vested interest in the transaction at hand. Most agents and brokers, working on a commission basis, cannot offer the same unbiased representation, or the same level of knowledge, that an attorney brings to the table. Toomey Legal offers affordable hourly and flat rates for customers seeking representation in residential and commercial closings.

Real estate litigation can be extremely intense and quite expensive. Unlike fungible commercial goods or mere monetary interests, real estate is unique and can have significant strategic or emotional value. People are often willing to go the distance in litigation involving real estate matters because of these unique issues. Whenever possible, Toomey Legal employs alternative dispute resolution to reach relatively rapid and inexpensive resolutions to otherwise prohibitively expensive disputes. When ADR is not feasible, or against the interests of our clients, Toomey Legal is always prepared to aggressively pursue a favorable outcome in litigation.

If you or your business require affordable legal advice, drafting services or representation in litigation with regard to a residential or commercial real estate transaction, closing or lease, call Toomey Legal.