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Unpaid Wages, Commissions & Overtime

Both Massachusetts and federal laws provide employees with protection from and powerful remedy for unpaid wages, unpaid overtime, unpaid commissions and unpaid vacation pay or other compensation. In Massachusetts, a successful plaintiff bringing a claim for unpaid wages may recover up to triple the amount of the unpaid wages plus his costs and attorneys' fees. This can be devastating to smaller employers who fail to pay wages, as even a small amount of unpaid wages can lead to large judgments against the employer. Massachusetts also provides protection from untimely wage payments, and violations of that law can lead to severe penalties. The motivation behind these potent laws is the strong public policy that workers must be paid in full and on time.

There are a variety of exemptions to both Massachusetts and federal overtime provisions. Not all workers are entitled to collect overtime, and the classifications of exempt workers are not always clear. Some overtime exemptions relate to the worker's income level, others to the type of work performed, and others to the worker's employee status. An employer confronted with a claim for unpaid overtime should always consider these exemptions and other defenses to overtime claims before settling a claim.

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